Fr. Apr 19th, 2024

On May 25, the BJP had alleged that the Congress displayed disregard for Hindu traditions by calling the sacred ‘Sengol’ a “golden stick gifted” to India’s first prime minister Nehru and tucking it away in a museum.

The vesting of the “sacred ‘Sengol'” with Nehru, on the eve of India’s Independence, was the exact moment of transfer of power from the British to India, BJP leader Amit Malviya had said.

The ‘Sengol’ will be installed close to the Chair of the Lok Sabha speaker after the new Parliament building is inaugurated by Modi on May 28, an event 20 Opposition parties, including the Congress, are boycotting.
Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on May 26 claimed there is no documented evidence of Lord Mountbatten, C Rajagopalachari and Jawaharlal Nehru describing the ‘Sengol‘ as a symbol of transfer of power by the British to India.
He also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his drum-beaters are using the ceremonial sceptre for their political ends in Tamil Nadu.

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Original- Artikel:

Indien wird sein neues Parlaments- Gebäude am 28. Mai einweihen. Nicht alle Parteien wollen dabei sein – so boykottiert Indiens größte Oppositions- Partei – die Congress-Partei (in Indien kurz “Cong” genannt) – die Einweihung.

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