So. Apr 14th, 2024

Das Magazin Politico berichtet:

The British parliament has for the first time referred to Taiwan as an “independent country” in an official document, breaking a political taboo as Foreign Secretary James Cleverly visits China this week.

The new language, adopted in a report published Wednesday by the influential foreign affairs committee of the House of Commons, risks a stinging backlash from Beijing and comes as Cleverly becomes the first top British envoy to visit Beijing in five years amid a frosty relationship.

Beijing has long denied Taiwan’s statehood, insisting the self-governing democratic island is part of its territory. Only 13 countries around the world recognize Taipei instead of Beijing diplomatically.

“Taiwan is already an independent country, under the name Republic of China,” the committee report says. “Taiwan possesses all the qualifications for statehood, including a permanent population, a defined territory, government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other states — it is only lacking greater international recognition.”

According to Committee Chairperson Alicia Kearns, from the ruling Conservative Party, it’s the first time a U.K. parliament report is making such a declaration. “We acknowledge China’s position, but we as [the foreign affairs committee] do not accept it,” Kearns told POLITICO. “It is imperative the foreign secretary steadfastly and vocally stand by Taiwan and make clear we will uphold Taiwan’s right to self-determination.”

“This commitment aligns not only with British values but also serves as a poignant message to autocratic regimes worldwide that sovereignty cannot be attained through violence or coercion,” Kearns added.

Alicia Kearns

Der britische Außenminister Cleverly. Ob er in Peking etwas zu lachen hat, oder nicht, oder ob er überhaupt dorthin kommt, wird die Zukunft zeigen.

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