Di. Apr 16th, 2024

Die französische Nachrichtenagentur AFP berichtet – die Meldung wurde von MSN übernommen:

Man beachte – West-Truppen sind schon in der Ukraine:
Alexander Gabuev, director of the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center, also said Macron’s comments represented a toughening of his stance.
“Perhaps it’s a form of strategic ambiguity to push Putin to negotiate on Ukrainian terms,” Gabuev told AFP.
He pointed out that a small number of Western troops and volunteers were already on the ground in Ukraine, adding that he could not imagine French society backing the idea of sending a large French contingent to fight there.

Weiter im Artikel – zu den Entsendungen:
A European military source said that European allies had been studying the plan for several weeks and the United States supported the idea.

Former senior NATO official Camille Grand said Macron’s statements were a “major political signal.”
“The message is threefold: to the Ukrainians, we are saying that we are prepared to take risks alongside them. To Russia, this war is very important to us,” Grand told AFP.
“To the public, the stakes are so high that we can’t rule out this possibility.”
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Der Nachrichtendienst Barrons, der die AFP-Meldung übernahm:
Speaking to reporters, Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said on Tuesday: “We are talking about training missions, training components. Training.”
When pressed whether it would be limited to instructors only, the minister said that he could not reveal the details because “this is still being discussed between the countries”.

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