Fr. Apr 19th, 2024

Israel setzt wohl nun auch Aerosol- Bomben, auch Vacuum-Bomb oder Thermobaric Bomb genannt, ein.

Mario Zippermayr (25 April 1899 – 13 January 1979) was an Austrian physicist and Nazi. He is considered the inventor of the aerosol or vacuum bomb.
Probably starting from 1942, he began setting up a research institute with about 35 employees in Vienna and Lofer (Salzburg).
Vortex cannon
Coal dust was launched in a grenade, and dispersed by an explosive charge. The subsequent very large explosion was to achieve a high effectiveness. In 1943 the first test with a 60 kilogram thermobaric bomb was carried out. There were more tests on the military training area Doeberitz in Berlin and at Lake Starnberg. The best results were obtained with 60% liquid oxygen and 40% coal dust. The destruction radius in Döberitz was reportedly 600 meters, and 4 to 4.5 kilometres for the improved 25 to 50-kilogram bomb over Lake Starnberg. At the end of the war preparations were under way for the production of larger bombs with liquid oxygen in Nordhausen.

A thermobaric weapon, also called an aerosol bomb, or a vacuum bomb, is a type of explosive munitions that work by dispersing an aerosol cloud of gas, liquid or powdered explosive. Thermobaric weapons are almost 100% fuel and as a result are significantly more energetic than conventional explosives of equal weight. The fuel is often elemental. Many types of thermobaric weapons can be fitted to hand-held launchers, and can also be launched from airplanes.

International law does not prohibit the use of thermobaric munitions, fuel-air explosive devices, or vacuum bombs against military targets. Their use against civilian populations or infrastructure may be banned by the United Nations (UN) Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW), specifically the Protocol on Incendiary Weapons.
As of November 2022, all past attempts to regulate or restrict thermobaric weapons have failed.

In diesen beiden Berichten werden russische thermobarische Systeme beschrieben, wobei auch der Westen, solche Bomben hat, und Israel dahingehend technologisch im Westen als führend gilt.

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