Sa. Mai 18th, 2024

Das US- Medium The Hill berichtet:

A plurality of Americans favor aiding Ukraine in some way, but a majority are opposed to sending U.S. troops into the country to fight amid threats of a Russian invasion, according to a new poll released Friday.

The poll, conduted by YouGov, found that 42 percent of Americans surveyed said that the U.S. should send financial aid to Ukraine, compared to 24 percent who said it was a bad idea and 34 percent who said that they were unsure. 

Fifty-five percent of Americans said that they were against sending U.S. troops in to fight Russian soldiers in the event of an incursion in Ukraine. Only 13 percent of those surveyed thought it was a good idea. 

Empfehlung: Lesen sie den Artikel im Hill, durchaus interessant.

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