Mo. Mai 20th, 2024

Die Washington Post mit einem Interview des Oberkommandierenden der Ukraine- Armee:

Grundsätzlich will er, dass die West- Waffen- Lieferungen ohne Einsatz- Beschränkungen erfolgen, also der Ukraine erlaubt ist, mit West- Waffen auch das russische Kernland anzugreifen.

FPI empfiehlt – wie immer – den ganzen Artikel – das ganze Interview zu lesen.

And Western allies, citing fears of escalating the war with Russia, have placed a condition on the longer-range missiles and other materiel they’ve so far provided: They can’t be used to strike Russian soil.

So, Zaluzhny said, he uses weapons made in Ukraine for the frequent strikes across the border that Kyiv never officially acknowledges as its own.

“To save my people, why do I have to ask someone for permission what to do on enemy territory?” Zaluzhny recently told The Washington Post in a rare interview. “For some reason, I have to think that I’m not allowed to do anything there. Why? Because [Russian President Vladimir] Putin will … use nuclear weapons? The kids who are dying don’t care.

“This is our problem, and it is up to us to decide how to kill this enemy. It is possible and necessary to kill on his territory in a war. If our partners are afraid to use their weapons, we will kill with our own. But only as much as is necessary.”

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