Sa. Mai 18th, 2024

FPI hat nun schon zwei Berichte – ErsterZweiter – bezüglich der russischen Sonderstaatsanwaltschaft für Kriegsverbrechen / Völkermord im Donbass gebracht.

Nun reagierte das Weiße Haus auf die Massengräber- Anschuldigungen Russlands.

Gestern gab es eine Presse- Briefing im Weißen Haus, abgehalten wie immer von der Sprecherin des Präsidenten, Jen Psaki. Im Zuge dieser Pressekonferenz wurde Psaki auf die Massengräber im Donbass angesprochen.

Q Thank you. Can you comment on Russia’s investigation into claims of alleged mass graves of civilians supposedly killed by Ukrainian forces in the Russian-controlled regions in eastern Ukraine? Do you believe this is part of the false-flag operations that you’ve been warning of?

 MS. PSAKI:  Sure.  Well, let me start by saying, as you heard the President say yesterday and Secretary Blinken earlier today: We’re in the window where we believe an attack could come at any time, and that would be preceded by a fabricated pretext that the Russians use as an excuse to launch an invasion.
 And we’ve seen — and we’ve talked about this a bit in here — we’ve seen these tactics used in the past.  So those could include, but not be limited to, the report you just referenced, claims of provocation in Donbas, false state media reports — which I think you should all — everybody should keep their eyes open and aware of that potential — fake videos, false accusations about chemical weapons or accounts of attacks on Russian soldiers that have not actually occurred.
 So there could be a range of false flags and pretexts that we would expect would precede an invasion.  And, again, we remain in that window.

Auch das russiche Außenamt hat sich schon zu Psakis Darstellung gemeldet. Hier die offizielle Gegen- Darstellung Russlands.

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