So. Apr 14th, 2024

On 28 January 2024, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an Iranian-backed militia group, launched a drone attack on a U.S. military outpost in Rukban in northeast Jordan,[2] resulting in the deaths of three U.S. soldiers and reportedly left 25 to 34 wounded.

Approximately 3,000 US troops are currently stationed in Jordan, with those deployed at Tower 22 specifically engaged in an “advise and assist” mission. Tower 22, which hosts American engineering, aviation, logistics and security personnel, lies 20 kilometers from the Al-Tanf garrison in Syria, where US and local forces collaborate in combating the Islamic State. At the time of the attack, there were about 350 personnel from the US Army and Air Force at Tower 22.
Prior to the attack, US and coalition forces operating in the region had already faced more than 158 instances of targeting. While these earlier attacks were largely categorized as minor, attributed to the absence of severe injuries or significant damage, approximately 70 US and coalition soldiers had sustained injuries.

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