Sa. Mrz 2nd, 2024

Hier der Bericht des MEE (MiddleEastEye) / Auszug:

Website der Firma Adani:

“The Hermes 900 has a documented history of use in the region, and Israel consistently utilises its various military assets in both surveillance and targeted strikes within Gaza,” Girish Linganna, a defence analyst in India, told Middle East Eye.

“Regrettably, it’s highly likely that drones manufactured through the Adani-Elbit venture may be deployed in Gaza,” Linganna added.

On 2 February, Shephard Media reported that Israel had taken delivery of 20 Indian-made Hermes 900 drones from Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Ltd, a joint venture between India’s Adani Defence and Aerospace and Israel’s Elbit Systems.

Though neither country has publicly acknowledged the transfer of Indian-made drones to Israel, a source at Adani confirmed to The Wire that drones were, in fact, exported to Israel. 

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