Do. Jun 20th, 2024

Titelbild: Chinas Hypersonic- Rakete DF 17

Die Nachrichtenagentur Bloomberg berichtet:

Blomberg: China hat große Fortschritte bei der Entwicklung von Hyperschallwaffen gemacht und bereits Raketen eingesetzt (Truppenerprobung), die in der Lage sind, US-Stützpunkte im Pazifischen Ozean zu treffen.

Der US-Verteidigungsnachrichtendienst berichtet, dass China seit den 2000er Jahren gezielt und intensiv in Hyperschallwaffentechnologie investiert hat. Darüber hinaus entwickelt Peking seit 2014 eine interkontinentale ballistische Rakete mit einem Hyperschall-Sprengkopf. Die Waffe zeigte im Juli 2021, dass sie Ziele überall auf der Welt treffen kann, so Paul Freistler, Chefwissenschaftler des Intelligence Analysis Department.

Russlands Avantgard in China- Ausführung
DF17- Rakete (siehe auch Titelbild)
China: YJ-21 – missile and test​
One day before the Russian Sarmat was tested, China launched its brand new hypersonic missile from a heavy Type 055 cruiser. The YJ-21, ultra-fast with an unpredictable flight pattern, is part of a family of Chinese missiles designed to be ‘carrier killers’. Long aware of the potency of American aircraft carrier groups and their ability to roam the world’s oceans, destroying both naval targets and those on land, Chinese scientists have worked hard to ensure they have the means to defeat these heavily-defended mobile airfields.
With a range of up to 1,500km (930 miles), the YJ-21 can deliver a large warhead, moving so fast it punches straight through the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, destroying it instantly.
HYPERSPEED China unveils plan for 23,000mph hypersonic wind tunnel which will put Beijing ‘30 years ahead’ of the West, May 31 2021
CHINA has built a hypersonic wind tunnel in Beijing which put the superpower decades ahead of the West, South China Morning Post / an expert says.
Researcher Han Guilai, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said last week that the JF-22 tunnel was capable to simulating flights at Mach 30 or 23,000mph – 30 times the speed of sound.
China’s New Hypersonic Drone Can Be Used To Conduct Suicide Attacks On US F-22, F-35 Stealth Fighters – Military Experts
August 31, 2022
China’s Wuzhen-8 drone again appeared at the Changchun air show, sparking debates among observers on the mysterious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s (UAV) purpose.

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